Bankruptcy Costs

Filing Bankruptcy in Michigan: What are the Attorney Fees?

One of the most common questions we get is:  “I am struggling with my finances, how I can afford to pay an attorney to help me file for bankruptcy?”

We offer:

  • Highly qualified attorney representation with a specialty in bankruptcy law;
  • Professional support staff that are compassionate and accessible;
  • Affordable fees with payment plans available.

Chapter 13 Bankruptcy Attorneys Fees:

The attorney fees for filing a Chapter 13 are actually set by the United States Bankruptcy Court in Southeastern Michigan.  This means that there is a standard fee for filing and the main differentiating factor is the quality and professional experience of the law firm you choose.

To get a understanding of our debt reduction strategies through Chapter 13 Reorganization plan, call us today at 734-722-2999.  We will breakdown the process into a simple explanation of how this powerful debt consolidation plan could help improve your finances and credit and also the fee’s associated with Chapter 13 Bankruptcy.


Chapter 7 Bankruptcy Attorney Fees:

Unlike Chapter 13 bankruptcy, the court doesn’t mandate a set amount for attorney’s to charge for Chapter 7 bankruptcy services.  Each firm sets their own fees and collects them directly from clients.  Although there is court oversight and fee audits by the United States Trustee’s Office to protect consumers from abuses and excessive fees.  The court filing fee to file for Chapter 7 bankruptcy is $335.00.

We provide each client with a firm price quote after reviewing their circumstances at the time of the initial free consultation.  If we recommend filing a Chapter 7 bankruptcy and determine that you qualify, we will recommend that you stop making payments (including minimum payments) to unsecured creditors since the debts will soon be eliminated. Instead we recommend using these funds to pay the attorney fees in order to get your case filed and begin the debt elimination process.

Call us today 734-722-2999 for your free consultation and we can explain your options.

Choosing the Right Michigan Bankruptcy Attorney

It may seem difficult to choose who to help you through the important process of resolving your finances.  What are the most essential factors to consider?

  • Experience of the firm:
    • How long has the firm/attorney been practicing in this area of law?
    • What kind of continued legal education do they participate in?
    • What association or credentials they have achieved?
    • What is their past client reviews on Facebook or Google plus.
  • The age-old saying, “you get what you pay for,” can definitely be true when it comes to selecting a quality bankruptcy attorney.

It costs money to provide high quality staff to guide clients through the bankruptcy process.  Our fees cover this investment.  Our philosophy is simply to strike the best balance between having adequate, highly-trained staff and attorneys while finding efficiencies to provide reasonable fees.